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Next intake: April 2024
18 months

Experience an MBA unlike any conventional degree of its kind.

hg8868体育入口登录的emba课程是为具有多年管理经验的雄心勃勃和积极进取的专业人士设计的, delivered in a format that suits their needs.

During four-day modules spread over 18 months, 你将于周四至周日在hg8868体育入口登录学习和生活, away from the distractions of work and home. You will also gain international experience with a field study in Asia.

Admission is highly competitive and early applications are encouraged.

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Student Experience


We attract some of the brightest academics from around the world, 他们的班级规模比他们的海外同事小得多,并且在你的整个学习过程中都能接触到你.


hg8868体育入口登录通过广泛的选修课提供自我发展的机会, co-curricular activities, and host regular industry networking events.

Success Stories

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Head of Ideation and Portfolio Management – Innovation, Boral
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Executive MBA student success story Renee Shepherd
"It's an amazing challenge. You get more out of it than what the brochures tell you."
Manager, COVID-19 Legislation Policy, Victorian Department of Health
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主题 and Structure

Executive MBA - Course structure

Download the timetable for 2024 / 2025.



Effective leadership is about being approachable, 在某种程度上能够赢得信任,并为你的工作场所提供有用的方向.

To achieve this, learn how to manage yourself appropriately, lead a team effectively, 快速建立人际关系,了解如何通过建立有价值的领导形象和风格来管理冲突.

Financial Management

Knowing how to value an asset, 选择一个有股东价值的项目,或者准备好预算,这些只是经理人目前面临的部分财务问题.

To understand financial management, learn how to financially approach: cash flow, time value of money, 股票, bonds and projects. You will gain an understanding of capital markets, the effects of information asymmetry in the financial system, diversification and transfer of risk, the capital structure problem and more.

Ethics and Social Responsibility


To effectively reason in any situation, progressively master each of the Four Stages of Learning – Knowledge, Static Problem Solving, 动态社会问题解决和领导-通过关注两种常见的道德推理形式, Kantianism and Utilitarianism.

Financial Accounting

Accounting is the basis for performance measurement, business contracting, operating, investing and the financing decisions that managers make.

To interpret this information correctly, learn to assess: a firm’s intrinsic value, 罗伊, the balance sheet, various income statements, cash flow statements, 股东权益表以及如何区分一个组织的融资, investing, and operating activities to external people.

Managing People

即使你已经做了一年多的经理,已经掌握了管理团队的技能, people can still be difficult to manage well.



Customers determine an organisation's success, 但如果没有一个既能吸引他们又能实现业务目标的产品, your organisation is at risk.

To understand the right marketing mix, 学习识别和管理关键的市场资产和方法:进行战略分析, position products, create marketing plans, understand marketing data, segment and target markets, and contribute marketing to strategic management.

Data Analysis

Data is ever present in each facet of business, 让管理者需要了解如何利用数据,以便做出明智和有价值的决策.

介绍解释和计算业务数据所需的基本数据分析技能和技术, probabilities, uncertain events, 统计和更多的解决今天挑战决策者的所有问题.

业务 Strategy

When the time comes, 每个经理都需要为制定业务战略做出贡献——发展其职能领域的竞争优势.

To understand how to strategise with the firm in mind, learn ways to make the right critical choices, identify which products to run and which market segments to compete in, as well as analyse: internal resources, the external environment, firm capabilities, and the conditions necessary to reach competitive advantage.

Managerial Economics

Without the right analytical and economic reasoning skills, you will never be able to solve the more complicated business problems.

提高你的技能,预测与客户或合作伙伴的谈判将产生什么协议, position your firm to do better in negotiations, set the right price, choose product offerings for different market segments, 预测竞争对手的行动,形成进入不同市场的策略.

Managerial Judgement


Based on state-of-the-art neurobiological reSearch, discover how to develop a realistic perception of others, understand biases in decision-making around interpreting information, 并欣赏情绪在指导决策中所起的积极和消极作用.

Global 业务 Economics


Learn to understand economic terminology, make informed judgements on questions of economic policy, 描述控制GDP长期增长和短期波动的力量, explain business cycle fluctuations, evaluate the motivations of central banks in conducting monetary policy, of governments in conducting fiscal policy, and more.

Industry Studies in Asia


你将获得新的研究技能,并了解如何在国外环境中开展业务, the cultural forces affecting HR management, negotiations and strategy, globalisation and the relationships between the macroeconomic, political and cultural systems of an economy.


In a competitive global environment, 公司面临着越来越大的压力,要在多项绩效指标上超越客户的期望, such as cost and quality.

To meet those expectations effectively, learn how to design, manage and continuously improve business 过程es, develop internal capabilities with sustainable competitive advantage, identify and analyse bottlenecks to form response strategies, leverage inventory, and develop sustainable solutions.



加深你作为一名年轻高管已经知道和经历过的事情, discover how to create a common vocabulary around negotiation principles, critically examine and refine your skills, 并确定为一系列谈判问题带来最佳结果的实践.

Strategic Consulting for Social Impact


运用你新的MBA咨询和战略技能,通过研究如何有效地为社会企业提供重大利益来应对社会企业的实时挑战, and resolve the social, management and operational problems in the way of success.

Mergers and Acquisitions


研究合并和收购的历史,并发展对并购所需要素的理解&A transactions, 此类活动持续水平背后的原因以及监管因素对交易的影响. 你将获得关于如何管理合并或收购的实用知识.

Corporate Strategy

Without the right management skills required in diversified firms, the delivery of corporate strategy can be a difficult endeavour.

清楚地了解公司战略和商业战略之间的差异, the practical application of corporate strategy through diversification, mergers and acquisitions and internationalisation, and how value can be created through corporate economics, capabilities, performance, accounting and marketing.


Across all industries and for all managers, 了解管理创新和企业更新的最关键和战略方面的需求正在增长.

探索如何培养有效发展和推动创新所需的领导技能, strategic initiatives and radical changes within an organisation. 您将学习如何在任何行业中通过创新建立持久的竞争优势和繁荣, as opposed to short-term optimisation strategies.

Integrative 业务 Capstone


You will cover strategic, organisational and procedural aspects of managing product, 过程, 以及在不同产业和竞争环境下的商业模式创新. 这将帮助您理解创新管理的最关键方面以及对包括服务业在内的所有主要行业的影响.

Residential Stay

该课程包括17个为期四天的模块和一个在亚洲的模块,历时18个月. During the four-day modules, 学生将从周四到周日留在hg8868体育入口登录.

This format lets students fully immerse themselves in the program, without the distractions of work and home. 所有学生都有一间带套间的私人房间,并提供所有的膳食.

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Meet With Us

Let us answer your questions face-to-face.

Let us answer your questions face-to-face.

了解更多关于hg8868体育入口登录学习的最好方法是与hg8868体育入口登录交谈. We can meet with you one-on-one at our Carlton Campus, or set up a video conference for an online face-to-face conversation. 

We can assist you with information on subjects and study materials, campus life, funding your course or any other areas you might be interested in. 

If you're interested in studying at Melbourne 业务 School, please join us for an online information session or contact us to arrange a time that suits you.


Program Fee

emba课程费用为111,600美元(2023年),可以分期付款. It includes:

  • Full tuition for all modules
  • 所有教科书,仪器,案例资料,阅读资料,文章和学习笔记
  • 项目期间住宿(在墨尔本和海外)
  • Meals on class days
  • University of Melbourne and international partner institution fees

请注意,为了确保你在该项目上的位置,需要支付5000美元的录取费. 此费用将在开始时从第一个模块的成本中扣除.


FEE-HELP is available for eligible Australian citizens and permanent residents.


自费的学生通常可以申请学费作为自学税收减免, provided the degree is relevant to their job. Check with your financial adviser to find out if you are eligible.

Company Sponsorship

Many students share the cost of studying with their employer. hg8868体育入口登录很乐意提供一个商业案例,让你与雇主分享学习emba对组织的好处. 请 contact us for more information.

Other Costs

课程费用不包括与亚洲实地考察模块相关的差旅费用, including airfares, airport transfers, visa charges and travel insurance. 学生还负责亚洲模块上课日的部分膳食, as well as incidental expenses incurred during the module, such as telephone, 洗衣, car parking and other personal charges.


How to 应用

Application Process


  1. Commence an application to become familiar with the application 过程.
  2. Meet with us to find out more about the School and program.
  3. Complete and submit your application by the application closing date.


每一轮入围的候选人将被邀请参加强制性面试, which can be conducted in person, over the phone or by teleconference. The interview will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.


Applicants will be notified of the outcome by email. 提供s may include the award of a scholarship.

As limited places are available each round, 遴选委员会可能会决定将申请“搁置”,以便在下一轮进行考虑.

请注意,进入emba课程的竞争非常激烈,满足最低入学标准并不保证获得该课程的录取. Unsuccessful applications will not be reassessed in following rounds.

hg8868体育入口登录理解完成一份申请需要相当多的时间和精力, 然而,hg8868体育入口登录不会评论可能导致评选委员会最终决定的具体因素.

Application Deadlines

Closing dates for the Executive MBA program are as follows:

Early Round: 24 April

第一轮: 6月12日

Round 2: 8月7日

第三轮: 2 October

Round 4: 27 November

The deadline for all applications is 11.59pm AEST.

Late applications may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 请 contact us for further advice.


Application Requirements

To apply, you will need to provide:

  • 一份最新的简历,显示至少5年的管理经验.
  • 你的本科成绩单副本和(任何研究生成绩单,如果已完成)*.
  • Evidence of citizenship or residency (e.g. Passport, Birth certificate or Visa)
  • An excellent command of English, 如果你的母语不是英语,请提供雅思或托福成绩复印件**.
  • 关于你的目标和你将如何为项目做贡献的个人陈述.
  • 两名(保密的)专业推荐人的姓名和联系方式.

也欢迎您提供额外的信息,您认为将加强您的申请. 学校也可以要求额外的信息来协助录取决定.

大学要求申请人提供证据证明他们符合公布的入学要求. Uncertified documentation does not provide this evidence; however we accept uncertified documents for the purpose of selection, hg8868体育入口登录保留随时要求您提供认证文件的权利.

* *的 雅思考试, you will need a minimum score of 7.0 overall, with no individual score less than 6.5.
TOEFL iBT, you will need a minimum score of 102, 笔试成绩不低于24分,个人成绩不低于21分.
PTE: Overall score minimum of 65, 写作能力至少65分,其他沟通能力不低于50分

Entry Requirements

  • At least five years of management experience
  • An undergraduate degree
  • English proficiency
  • Two confidential professional referees

为 more information, visit our application FAQ's page.

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April 2024
Early round applications close 24 April

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